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Jeans/ trousers/ dresses (by machine) from £9.00

Trousers with turn-ups £15.00

Shortening trousers (by hand) £11.00

Letting out/ Taking in men’s trousers £11.00

Turning collars £8.00

New collar £12.00

Shortening shirt cuffs £10.00

Shortening shirt cuffs with vents £15.00

Shortening sleeves £10.00

Shortening jacket sleeves £20.00

Shortening jacket sleeves with buttons £28.00

Taking in a dress or shirt from £15.00

Taper trousers (full) £20.00


Inserting zip  £12.00

Trouser zips £12.00

Jean zips £13.00

Invisible zip £15.00

Jacket zip £30.00


(prices per 1.5 metre width & exclusive of lining)

Net curtains shortening from top £8.00

Making net curtains £15.00

Curtain shortening from top £18.00

Curtain shortening from bottom (By machine) £20.00

Shortening curtain lining £8.00

Curtain shortening from bottom (By hand) £24.00

Making curtains without lining £25.00

Making curtains with lining £30.00

Making Roman Blinds from £60.00

Cushions and other soft furnishings

Making simple cushion covers £10.00

Making cushion with zip £18.00

Cushions with walls £25.00

Cushions with piping £20.00

Cushions with walls and piping £30.00

Making chair covers £15.00


(all prices exclusive of lining fabric)

Straight skirt £18.00

Shaped skirt £20.00

Trousers £25.00

Jackets £55.00

Curtain (per width) £25.00


1 metre straight seam £3.00

Putting half a pocket in £5.00

Putting full pocket £20.00

Re-stitching one hem £3.00

Sewing on a button £1.00

Making a button hole £3.00